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What online applications are provided in Apple iCloud?

Apple iCloud provides the following online applications. You can use them anytime and anywhere with just a Web browser. 

Mail – Send and received emails with your * email address. 

Contacts – Manage your contact information with email addresses and phone numbers. 

Calender – Manage your appointments, meeting invites, events, and Alerts.

Photos – Manage your photos and videos.

iCloud Drive – Manage your file storage. 

Notes – Manage your notes. 

Reminders – Manage your reminders to notify you later. 

Pages – Create and manage documents in Apple Pages format, which can be converted to Microsoft Word. 

Numbers – Create and manage spreadsheets in Apple Numbers format, which can be converted to Microsoft Excel.

Keynotes – Create and manage presentations in Apple Keynotes format, which can be converted to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Find Frinds – Allow you to locate your friends on a map, if they are connected with you. 

Find iPhone – Allow you to find your iPhone, if you lost it somewhere.

All online applications can be synchronized with your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad or Mac computer. Read other tutorials on how to use them individually.

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